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New Website. New Store.

It's finally time to get a new look. Same awesome products, Fresh new site and store.

Welcome to our first blog on our new site. Nothing overly exciting other than to say THANKS.

If you're reading this.. we're thanking You first and foremost. Because if you're here it means your interested in Us and what We do.

For the last 7 years we've been working hard in the kitchen, on the road and everywhere in between, and whilst our humble little brand and humble little site and online store has been bumping along nicely, it's time we ( I ) got it bumping along a lot nicer.

Our new site and store is more dynamic. More of our updates, blogs, posts, new images, events, retailers and recipes will be right here..

For now - have a quick look over the site and let us know if there's anything you'd love to see here, or any products that you'd love us to work on. Use our Contact Us page to send us a message.

WATCH THIS SPACE... January 22nd is World Hot Sauce Day and between now and then, we'll be embracing Wilbur Scovile's Birthday (or should we call it his Burnday) and offering up new products, free stuff and our best online specials ever....

For now.. welcome to our house..

Cheers, Crowley.

Our First Batch of Seedlings from 2010. This is what started the whole journey.

Birdseyes from our first pick. Seeds to Fruit to a thriving condiments business. We'd never have guessed.


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